Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finding Your Pond of Hungry Fish

Unlike what many ads for internet marketing are going to relay to you, you need to find your pond of hungry fish before you will ever possess your portion of that Internet Pot of GOLD!

Some of the top marketers in internet marketing have an ocean of hungry fish let alone a pond. Most of us would be content with at least a pond, stream, lake or river of hungry fish so where do you find it?

The choices are many between Social Media, paid advertising, referrals, direct mail, article marketing, Press Releases and free or paid classifieds. Of course these are the avenues most thought of first and most of these methods will leave you broke or frustrated if not combined with other methods of marketing. First everyone needs to understand to be successful in your marketing you cannot be one dimensional  in your advertising and you need to be constantly in the hunt  new prospects. We cannot stress enough your money is in the list and you need to bring in new prospects to your email list constantly knowing that an email contact is a potential sale and better yet repeat buyer or customer.


Because if people do not know who you are how do you expect them to buy from you?

At the end of our last post we had you look into a Fast Track System by reading an eBook or a collection of eBooks. Then we gave you another option of looking into Traffic Exchanges or Safelists. Traffic Exchanges and Safelists are an option over looked by many as saying they are ineffective methods of advertising. We want tell the Nay Sayers this is far from the truth. When you learn and spend some time to set up your marketing using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists your marketing will be working for you while you are doing other business building tasks and when you are away from your computer. As you read future posts you will understand these techniques and see how effective these strategies are and will not only will help you over time but they can help you as soon as overnight with a constant flow of much needed spam free traffic to you email list and future sales.

What most aspiring marketers are misled to believe is how targeted using Traffic Exchanges and Safelists really are. They are targeted to you and others as the marketer. The Network Marketer, eCommerce Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, or any product or service  you believe is marketable online. The key to marketing with Traffic Exchanges and Safelists is not to sell your high dollar items if any at all. That is right only small ticket items that draw an interest with no upsells or best yet give away those small ticket items for free. Yes, FREE! But not exactly free. You want something in return for your little incentive, bait or free sample. A name and an email address. It is best to ask only for a first name to make your future contact with your new contact feel to them more like he or she is being personally contacted. You can ask for first and last names with a phone number if you desire and you may get some more serious signups but, you will not get as many signups therefore less exposure to you and your product or service.  Just keep in mind by keeping your capture page and signup form simple means more signups and exposure you are going to get.

We will talk about how to separate your active list from your not so active list in a future post but for now all any of us want to do is build that so elusive list that keeps us from making money. This means that Traffic Exchanges and Safelists in the mix with other marketing methods of your choice are productive tools in building your SPAM FREE profitable permanent marketing list custom built to you and your marketing ambitions then filling your Internet Pot with GOLD.

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