Understanding This and Other Interactive Blogs

I am not writing this Page to insult the regular blog reader or bloggers. As a regular blog reader and/or writer you already understand the power of blogging for information, advertising, and entertainment. You can also post events and your favorite charities with blogs. I had for years avoided blogging until recently. That is because I did not grasp the concept until I finally took the time and learned what blogging was all about. Here I am using a blog to promote blogging and IWowWe.com.

When anyone opens a blog page you may not see your typical Website or Web page. Just like website may have many pages blogs have archives which are pages from past blog posts, entries or articles. This blog is designed to be more like your typical website others are not. Some are just Video blogs others contain pictures and text. Some people have personal or family blogs they attach to their facebook page and so on. There are two main types or sources of blogs. One comes from Blogger (free including the URL) and Wordpress. Wordpress is a free service to set up a blog, but you have to get hosting for your URL or web-address. I generally like to use Go Daddy for hosting website and Wordpress URLs. Just remember when setting up a blog there are many advantages to Blogger because Blogger is connected directly with Google. However, the advantage to Wordpress is your blog site can’t be taken down if the content is considered inappropriate in its usage, which can happen with Blogger (Google rules) in some extreme cases.

To understand what a blog is you have to understand where the word blog came from. The word blog came from the words web log. Most blogs are a series of articles written by an individual or groups in some cases. Blogs can be very diverse and interesting as they grow over time with constant updates or content as it is called. Where web pages and websites are more stable with their content, a good blog constantly evolves. I call this an Interactive blog because it will be interacting with other blogs and websites associated with Finding Financial Freedom. This will provide a more informative and entertaining blog getting the information to you faster than if I set up a regular website. By taking you directly to any copyrighted information and its sources this blog will comply with any copy writing statutes by law. This will comply with any Website and the company we are advertising for or writing about standards. We make sure we footnote any segments, articles, pictures of images from a sight that we borrowed from and give reference back to that sight for credit or credits. This is good form and good blogging platform where everyone wins. This also gives you a chance to come back to this blog and get more information from these other sources if you desire.

The other unique format that a blog has over the regular website is the RSS feed. The RSS feed helps interlock blogs with other blogs more as a news feed. The more traffic you have the more the RSS helps you get more traffic to your blog. Every time you update a certain blog is listed in one of many RSS channels where anyone who is interested can read your blog. You can also subscribe to other RSS feeds giving you more exposure to a blog every time you update. And finally blog writers or Bloggers can have people subscribe only to their RSS feeds making it more of a subscription only feed to your readers. This option is more available with WordPress and other blogging formats and software. With Blogger Atom is the RSS feed that is installed in the Blogger Blog sites, We  also have Feed Burner as a widget for subscription reminders as an option to you as a regular reader. I personally like the open RSS feed to help link my blogs to other resources I find relevant to my blogs.

When reading blogs you have to understand what keywords are all about. Some keywords are picked up by Search Engines for Search Engine placement or optimization. Other keywords will take you to downloads, other blogs, other pages in the blog, and websites. Sometimes keywords are noticeable because they are underlined by dots. These are Search Engine keywords. In this blog I generally will not make that type of keyword noticeable because I do not want to divert your attention from what I would like you to read or view. The keywords in this blog are the keywords and phrases I use to send you elsewhere for more information. The keywords and phrases in this blog are in a blue color and as you pass your pointer over the top of them they will get darker and underlined. In other blogs the keywords are in a different color from the regular text. As you pass your pointer across those keywords or phrases they will become the same color as the text and underlined. If you click on the keyword or phrase you will go to another source for more information. To come back to this or any other blog you currently on you simply press the back arrow next to your web browser until you return to that particular or this blog. It is that simple.

Blogging is fun, informational, or can become quite lucrative. Whether you choose to promote yourself, a business, website, product, or just have a family and friends blog,blogging is a great way to get your information to others. I learned about blogging from gentleman named Bob Gatchel. So take a moment and test your blogging skills out with Bob

Getting To Know Blogs and How They Can Help You With Your Online Presence
That last statement reminded me with a rule I want to share with you before we move on. It is great to have pictures and video to make your blog more interesting but, they do not add to your content. Search Engines actually read your blog or website looking for good content and the Search Engines cannot read pictures and video. So remember good content and only good content is going to make your blog or website.
The Blogging format I will start you off with is Blogger.com. With blogger you can start your blog for free. Google does a great job of providing you with a ready to go website that is easy to build once you learn the basics. Other than advice you get from WordPress snobs Blogger is a great place to begin.
Because you are directly connected with Google and Google is the influence of all the Search Engines. The one warning you need to know with Blogger, you do have to pay close attention to the Terms and Conditions to make sure your blog is not taken down. Be respectful of Trademarks and Copy Rights. You do this by footnoting like you used to in your Term Papers in school. Just make sure the credit goes where it is due and in the process you look good and you help drive traffic to your blog from the sources you used in your blog.

When we started Creative Marketing Helper it was a basic blog with no ads at all. With our other blogs it was the same. You do want to establish readership first and this takes some time however I am sure you want to advertise as soon as you can. Text ads are where you should start and add them slowly as you affiliate yourself with other companies and opportunities. No matter what, you want to constantly send traffic to your site and keep sending people to your site . We will talk more about that in future pages. For now what I do is try to stay with the simple blog formula. Header, Sidebar, Article or Content Area, and a Video Area. Beautiful blogs and websites are admirable but blogs and websites I know can be too complex for most readers to navigate and they will simply click away. You want to keep the navigation simple and constantly give direction to your reader.

What you need to know is Search Engines read your blog or website and automatically give you your position or ranking. Content is key. I for the most part we try to keep most of our advertising out of a post or entry until the end of the article leaving the reader the option to click on a website or another page or post in our blog. These usually are something we referred a reader to and not always a site that is an Affil1ate Site. We reserve Affiliate Sites for the sidebar. For me there is no sense in having a site that is a reader’s Financial Toolbox if the toolbox is always empty.

As far as Google AdWords, Google approached us about adding AdWords to this and our other blogs. Remember if your blog is good and you deliver a good amount of traffic to your Blogger blog the rest will come in time. If you do apply for Google AdWords until your blog or blogs are at least six months old, have some content added regularly and over six thousand visitors a month Google will turn down your application for AdWords.
Click on an example on how start a blog and then click your browser arrow back to return.
To See example Click Here!
A simple rule to remember when we are talking about content we are talking about the text articles you write. It is nice to have video, audio. and other gadgets on your site but, the Search Engines and the RSS Feeds only read text and it is best to use other gadgets as tools to attract readers to come back and read your blog.

I am going to take a moment to introduce you to Bob Gatchel. If you read the Understanding Interactive Blogs entry in this blog you will find Bob has a big influence on me. I took the time one day to get for free Bob’s Internet Riches Made Easy. Bob is a big proponent of blogging. Bob even though he uses Word Press, he favors using Blogger. I was so impressed with The Internet Riches Made Easy I went back I got the version that you pay for, for $37.00. In the paid version you get step by step manual (e-book) and training videos on many different ways to make money on the Internet. There are helpful things you will learn that you can use to help you build and raise funds for you and your Online Business. I highly suggest you learn from Bob Gatchel. I would still be fumbling around with websites if it was not for Bob’s influence. Bob also teaches you how to protect yourself and your Blogger blog from people spamming your blog. He also teaches you how to monetize your blog for peak performance. You will learn how to use gadgets on your blog to draw an interest to it. How to Ping your blog and use RSS feeds to drive free traffic to your blog. Everything you want to know about getting started on the Internet you will find in Internet Riches Made Easy.

Internet Riches Made Easy Click Here!
Before you were to purchase a domain from Google for your new blog. Dot coms at Go Daddy offer some more flexibility as in you may want to add an e-mail address or account one day. There are many advantages to having your own e-mail address and other options. Professionalism is one reason and linking them to your e-mailing list providers is another ease and suggestion from your e-mailing list provider. I prefer Go Daddy because they are the largest and the most reasonable registrar for domains out there. Also their technical support is very knowledgeable and easy to work with over the phone. Learning from videos recording and reading is great but sometimes when you have a question having someone to help you answer it is comforting especially when starting out.
Write down Domains on paper because your Idea could have been someone else’s Idea. GoDaddy will help you with your domain if it is taken with other suggestions. If the suggestions Go Daddy give you do not fit to what you want you will have other Ideas written down to test and see if they are available.
The only reason you may want to have a custom domain is short to the point domains are easy to remember this is why we offer a shorter domain as well as an e-mail for that domain making them easier to remember. BWScottTeam.com or CreativeMarketingHelper.com instead of CreativeMarketingHelper.blogspot.com for returning readers. Then through CoDaddy I was able to add the e-mail address blaine@bwscottteam.com again personalizing my e-mail and offering our readers somthing easier to remember if they would like to contact me. This is a convenience for you the reader. I have kept the BlogSpot domains in my advertising because they are already established with the Search Engines. The process of adding a domain to a website or blog is called forwarding and Go Daddy will show you how to do your forwarding for any established website or blog as well as add a personal email address for you to use making you and your site appear more professional.
Linking your new link to blogger to start is a good Idea but really is for the more advanced blogger.  If you were to go with WordPress it is almost mandatory that you have your own domain. Just make sure your domain is marketable because there are many advantages that will become disabled later that you will have to change your RSS is one of them. However the advantages of forwarding at a later date outweigh any expense to the beginning blogger because you get your domain or web address for free and for free you can start building your online presence.

  Before we start talking about WordPress there is another link I would like you to go through and listen to the seminar. This seminar is about creating good content. This recorded Webinar lasts about one hour and gives you some great Ideas about creating content. The webinar is hosted by John Chow and Charles Brohannan who are accomplished bloggers using WordPress. Buying The Blogger’s Guide to Creating Great Content is up to you. The Webinar may be enough for you to get you started on your blog.

Blogger's Guide to Creating Great Content Click Here!

A Look Into Word Press As A Blogging And Website Option
Word Press is a free service you can use to help you build your blogs and websites. If you go to WordPress.com you will find a blogging platform you can use just by logging into that platform and using the Word Press dashboard to navigate your blog setup. There are other options to the WordPress.com website that you can give your blog more space to help your blog grow, optimize your blogs performance, or give your blog its own unique web address or URL. These however are paid services.
There is another Word Press format that can be used where the platform is downloaded to your own website or unique web-address. This platform comes from WordPress.org. With this format you can get your URL and website from any web host of your choice and download the Word Press blog or website to your URL. At this point you can design your own site. You can do this in one step if you use GoDaddy.com as your web host.
I have set up a Word Press Blog and it really did not take too much more time than
a Blogger blog for the initial set up. There are differences between the two but just like Blogger using Word Press for hosting your blog is free at WordPress.com. What you need to know is, you have to let WordPress advertise on your blog where with Blogger if you build your blog’s content over time you can have Google advertise on your blog using AdSense, and get paid for adding AdSense to your blog. There is a charge if you do not want to have Word Press advertise on your blog. There are other charges associated with WordPress that are not charged with blogger. This is not a criticism of WordPress I have seen so many great looking WordPress blogs and websites. There is a true versatility with Word Press that is not present with Blogger. The most important thing to remember with both formats your blog is a vehicle for your content and if your content is good your blog will perform well. I still say Blogger is a whole lot easier to use for beginners and you get great support from Google in helping you build your blog. As your skills increase you may want to try WordPress. The way I analyze the two is it is the difference between driving a Volkswagen and a Mercedes. Both will get you where you are going it just depends on how you want to get there.
An Important Note:
You can now add AdSense to your WordPress blogs and websites. This may be a good option to add revenue to your marketing scheme. Remember that just like Blogger you have to build content over time on only one blog or website to be able to advertise with AdSense. After your initial approval you can add AdSense to any blog or website you would like.
I highly suggest if you do want to go with a website format instead of a blog format to look more into WordPress.org. Some of the best technicians on the web are with WordPress and the support is also very good.

To get an idea of WordPrss.com see my WordPress blog undeveloped but on the web Click Here!
Go to WordPress.com by Clicking Here!

Go To WordPress.org by Clicking Here!

As you come back this page will be under consistent development. There will be more good information coming your way to help you build your online presence in this and other pages developed in the future!
Content is everything! Now get the content you need when your ideas seem blocked.