Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Creative Marketing Helper A Real Creative Marketing Helper

During the month of June we are going to finally take Creative Marketing Helper and make it live up to its name Creative Marketing Helper. Even though Creative Marketing Helper is me Blaine Scott when I refer to something or someone I mean we. Creative Marketing Helper is going to be about self-branding / attraction marketing. What is so special about Attraction Marketing and Self Branding?

It is about service marketing and building relationships. Too many people when they call me and they are selling a product or a service instead of themself or do not ask me anything about me, right there I am turned off. When you are talking about sales and marketing you are playing the law of averages and how to turn the averages into sales you need to market yourself instead of the product or service you are marketing. Through this blog and other resources you will learn how to develop and keep a captive audience like the top marketers on and offline and learn from some of them.

What brought this on?

A person I was working with last fall drafted me to work with him from a company I was working with promising me free leads. The leads were good at first and so was the program and scripts we followed on the same note he was swearing duplication. Then constantly procedures and scripts kept on changing and production fell. Eventually he quit stranding his whole team. Then I said to myself how am I going train those I recruit to work with me and make it a applicable, easy and effective?

Yes we are still going to offer iWowWe but that is only going to be one of the programs we are going to offer in a high profit low startup cost method of affiliate marketing. This is also going to be a service oriented and self-branded and not following the typical ways of Network Marketing.

We will also discuss the problems and what you need to know about the difference between Network and Affiliate Marketing with how the work in Multi-Level Marketing and much more.

If you are a beginner intermediate, or experienced marketer who wants to make a difference by helping others and rewarded with the profits all those others promise you and fall short on come back to this Blog / Website by going to or better yet like our fan page @ where you will get updates right to your Facebook Page or it is easy with us to check in for more information.

To You Me as Us and Creative Marketing Helper

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