Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Only Place to Start is with the Basics

Working online sometimes can be an illusion. Many marketers show you the finished product of hard work and not the hard work it to achieve such success. Social Media Expert Chris Brogan gives you a look at the truth of what it takes to be successful on or offline. If you want to work online to make a good a part-time income you need the Basics and make the effort upfront to make your dreams and ambitions a reality. If you want to make working on line, sales or marketing a full time success story it takes discipline and patients.  Being successful can be like two jobs and not just one. The reality is success like failure comes with a price. I prefer success so I have committed myself to it!

When you working with Success Coaches you are learning advanced skills but, be careful to look beyond what is being offered by him or her. Make sure you do not fall into their money trap. The best explanation is, the success coach has already established his or her audience and the audience is already working with the more advanced members. Then his or her audience invites you. “Duplication Hard at Work”. Always keep in your mind the success coach cannot go backwards and teach basic skills and methods and keep his or her main audience growing while training you. Now instead of the person who invited you bringing you up to date “Duplication Hard At Work”, they decide you have to buy the success coaches products the way they did. Money for them and the success coach. In essence instead of creating leaders they are creating followers making you the last man in line getting slapped around in the snake’s tail having you try to sell their products instead of marketing your own opportunity, services or products. They call this a sales funnel and everyone wins at the top because no one wants to work with the person just starting out. 

Bottom Line

Success Coaches are going to work with the individuals who keep up with the curriculum and if you do not, they are not going to come back and help you. Guaranteed!

I cannot express enough a success coach is not the place to start for someone who is beginning and has real expectations of succeeding. A Success Coach should be considered when you have gained the basic knowledge you need and completed the market research to form a good business plan. Don’t worry you can always update your business plan as your knowledge and skills increase. You, yourself should learn and develop your own business plan once you know enough basics to sketch out a plan. In future posts we will help you with ideas and the needs of your business plan for online and offline marketing. 

The First Step In Your Plan

1. Look for niches and opportunities you like if you have not found one yet and list them to test and decide what is right for you. If you are already set with a niche, business or opportunity get to know those in your niche or business around you and your competition.

2. Go to Google and research those opportunities by not just looking at sales pages but though Social Media and following some of the top leaders in that niche or opportunity.

3. Join, Friend, follow, circle or whatever you have to do to follow your interests.

4. Build your own audience by asking the people you joined to join you. If they do fine if they do not, do not get upset they are providing you with valuable information.

5. Add your friends and family and let them follow you in your business plan by creating separate pages from your main or personal Social Media pages. Those who are interested will follow you and those who wish not to follow will not be offended by you marketing your interests. Your true supporters will help you in your business efforts whether they join you in your business or become your customer by finding others to join you through viral means
The whole idea here is to develop an interest before you spend time and money getting into niche, product, service or opportunity no one has an interest in. Many business ideas look great but they are what they are only appealing by a sales page.  By developing an interest first will make any marketing ideas work for you smoothly even if only a fraction of those who were following you become your customer, buy or join you.

Now it is time to develop the rest of your business plan.

Remember, if you do not get any of the basics down you will not know where to go in your business plan. Be flexible with your plan but make sure it is down in words and specifics.  If you have not physically sketched out a business plan you may as well not go any further because it will be a long expensive journey that will not give you the result you are looking for. Once you have a good understanding of the basics, then and only then consider moving on and choose how you want to advance with your business plan.

Here are some hints to continue building your business plan.


This Post was rewritten to bring the information posted up to date on June 16, 2014. We will have more information on Market Research in future posts.

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