Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time Management Is Essential To Operating Your Business Working Part Time or Full Time

“When I grow up I want to be like my wife!!!”

Multitasking is not one of my strongest assets. It is a constant effort for me to keep up with the many tasks to enhance our online efforts. I have found by using and getting advice from others is a great way of getting ideas for your time management. If you can think of anyone you know who is a busy productive person this is who you should contact for advice. My wife is that kind of person. You could choose a friend, relative or maybe a business partner you do business with. However, it may be a good idea to stay away from bosses or work associates if you a planning or currently working on a business.

Always keep in mind, “if you want something done give it to a busy person!” Follow the example of that person and become a busy person.

Here are some examples I keep in my goals I am constantly working on to improve my time management. I have read many books and e-books on the subject but the only thing that works for me is to keep on working on good time management habits. Just keep in mind once your good time management habits become routine you can add to and tweak your routine later. The most important thing to do at the beginning stages is get a set routine and stick with it without interruption.

-I constantly keep reminding myself that I need to do is get better about using my calendar / appointment book. I am a little old fashioned that way but I can always reference my calendar book when my computer is off. You may want to keep one of these books just as a journal for keeping written records of your activities after they pass on your online calendar. Your time management needs to be tailored to your needs and with this blog post we are only giving you some ideas to get you started.

What I need to do first is duplicate the needs and events off the family calendar my wife posts for us. This way I schedule all my appointments business and personal around our important family activities. Obviously family activities are important to me even though I do not attend everything. By keeping a good record of what you like to do and what you like to achieve gives you a good balance in your production without feeling cheated in what you want to get out of life all around. Good planning leaves you feeling rewarded which is the basis for strong achievement slimming any chance of failure.

I am good about using my calendar but for some reason or another I step away from keeping up with it when time seems more manageable. When the time seems manageable is when I should plan more and strive to get ahead. Seems easier said than done, “Right!” I have found by using discipline and setting some time at the end of the work day planning and replanning for some chores or projects on the list which I did not complete seems a whole less frustrating when carefully planned. By finding the extra time upfront to work on something that has overrun its time eliminates the frustration of missing out on something important or what you may want to do because you had to find or sacrifice the time to do the unplanned work or activity. The key to all of this is leave plenty of time with an escape plan in case if interruptions and emergencies. This is achieved by keeping some open spots in your daily or weekly planning. If you have some open spots fill them with something or a project you want to get ahead on. If you have reached your goals and do not want to start your next step until a Monday let’s say, give yourself some needed rest while plotting some new strategies in your mind.

I know I need to spend more time setting and managing my weekly goals. We all know we all have to start with the ultimate “Goal” or “Why” with anything we want to achieve. As we define the larger goals we need to break them down into smaller tasks. This means if I am not going to lose track of my ultimate goal I need to break it down into monthly, weekly, and then daily tasks so the ultimate goal does not seem so overwhelming. Here is where the business plan or the game plan comes in. You have the master list of those goals you want to achieve. Keep that separate from your monthly tasks. After you have made your monthly list of tasks you bring it out to your weekly list of tasks. Where you make your weekly list of tasks, those tasks should be categorized by their importance and then scheduled in your calendar daily.

One thing you have to remember that you need to keep your master list of goals visible to you at all times, to keep you excited and ambitious about achieving those goals. During the week you want rely on your calendar to keep you directed. Once a week you want to pull out your weekly and monthly goal list and mark off what you have accomplished and repost on your list and calendar what is important to you. If you find a step or a task was not that important to you anymore or as you originally thought, forget about it and if it comes up later then accomplish it.

Rule of Thumb:

Don’t sweat the small stuff!!!

If a task is something you like to do to enhance something like your marketing yet you are exceeding your own expectations do you really need to complete that task? Put this task off to a future date or you may find this task could be replaced with something more suitable in the future rendering it an ineffective or useless task.

Take time monthly to develop your monthly list. Put a date and a time on your calendar to add your monthly tasks to that list. Make this a day each month without exception. When you work on this step schedule your time weekly to work on your weekly list. The key to all of your lists is keeping a small notebook handy for your tasks and your thoughts. I need to get better with listing the tasks however; I always seem to put down my thoughts when possible. The reason I say this is, no matter how strong or weak my time management can be at times taking notes and getting things off your mind is essential to helping you relieve the pressure of not having enough time to complete your tasks and goals. Notice I said complete. Unfinished projects do not help you succeed making the time you spent on a project or goal wasted time. With the demands of our daily lives if we take the time to write something down there is less of a chance you will forget something important, while helping your productive time go further in life and keep your anxiety level down.

 You and me together is the Creative Marketing Helper!

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yes i agree with u .
and time management is very important in our life specially when we are doing business and if the business is time consuming such as
affiliate marketing management its become more important to manage the time .
well thanks for sharing your tips .