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Understanding Advertising and Marketing Results

In Our September 24, 2012 post we gave you a good idea of the difference between an Affiliate and a Network Marketer. We also broke down the difference between a Multilevel Marketing Affiliate and an Advertiser or a single sale Affiliate. We also discussed the different ways we bring the individual to see the products and services we are offering. What we did not talk about are the ratios in which an opportunity, a product or a service is purchased from you as the marketer or advertiser.

For years we have run banners through, clicks and impressions. This is where we get a firm idea of the advertising ratios through the different banners we make ourselves. We have tracked the results through Google Analytics of the click through ratios and the results are clearly a fraction of between .5 and .9 of a percentage point. Surprised aren’t you? We have had click through ratios of .3 to 2.73 on my banner campaigns. This simply means it may take three hundred impressions to get one click on our landing page to up to three clicks per one hundred impressions. Now you have to remember this is only the advertising stage when it comes to getting an individual to purchase or join your opportunity. This is where many individuals get demoralized with the whole concept of online marketing.

Here is where you have to decide is this for me, should I walk away or not to start an online business at all?

The answer lies in what type of marketing do you want to do and how you want to market your business?

Do you want to Market to people directly in a Direct Marketing Business a Multilevel Marketing Business, a single sale products advertising as an affiliate or a commissioned advertiser?

With an advertising business it is best if you can get an e-mail list together in your target market. You can purchase e- mail lists which you are on the brink of spamming and can be disturbing to someone out of your target market. Or, there are co-oppopratives or e-mail list rentals where individuals advertise your products on their lists helping you build your list from their list they built over time. This can be a very cost effective way to build a retailing list but you need know you will need some capital upfront to start your advertising campaigns. The cool thing about this method is you can someday rent your list to others just like you did to start their marketing business. And, finally you can build your list by advertising yourself which can be very time consuming and expensive. Anyway you do this you establish a click through ratio of one to five percent with every campaign you run in which you have a one to five percent chance of a purchase. In simple terms you need one thousand clicks to have ten to fifty purchasers or new e-mail list sign ups as your normal average.

In an MLM the ratios are the same only if your marketing skill set is on the right track. This is where we separate the determined from the tire kickers or the struggling. The marketer in this case has to have vision to continue with his or her quest in the beginning to make their marketing dreams come true. If marketing was for everyone, everyone would be a marketer however, this type of marketing is in demand because referral marketing is the most cost effective way for many businesses to market their products or services. You have to remember the best marketing is word of mouth or referral marketing. Keep firmly in your mind this is where you and your reputation count as part of your success in an MLM. When someone is satisfied with a product, service or opportunity that someone does not mind putting their name behind the product service or opportunity making your job easier getting strong results. The other benefit to Multilevel Marketing is it provides opportunity to individuals by giving the opportunity to real people instead of large marketing and advertising companies. This makes you the individual the marketer instead of huge marketing and advertising firms.

Getting back to the ratios, when we say we recruit from ten to fifty individuals per thousand leads depending how you market and your experience these are the true numbers and anyone who tells you different is a sales person. Five percent is I high ratio and done by the most experienced marketers. The total marketing ratios are different from beginners to novice then to advance MLM marketers but that is beside the point. What you need to know is we are giving you a realistic look at what seems to be unsealable future but truly is not with your dedication to your future. We are not gurus here and there is no secret to anything called success without putting an effort into your success. What most individuals do not understand is where duplication and team work come in to a marketing plan when working in an MLM system. As you recruit more good marketers in your team who are willing to accept the challenge you have accepted personally and grow their teams is where your hard work helping others build their business pays off for you. The Multilevel Marketing Business is designed in that manner because of the duplication process or leveraging your income through duplication. Easier said so let’s put it this way, hardworking people following a distinct method to a better future with an ever growing income helping others do the same as you did. This has been the true success of the brick and mortar franchising without the real estate and brick and mortar when working within your MLM.

The understanding of marketing efforts in any campaign is going to yield results and as you learn you will become a better marketer. It is easler than you think! The better your marketing knowledge your campaigns will get better and all it takes a better understanding marketing ratios and gaining experience as a consultant or associate. It is your personal choice on how you want to market. Changing the ratios is only part of the marketing experience. The skill is in the communication or lack of communication which is your key to success or failure. All marketers who understand these concepts learn to go after their target market and succeed. When you believe in your product and in yourself with the dollars you spent with effective campigns you will no longer be surprised at the numbers of who are purchasers to the numbers of prospective associates. These are the facts like them or not. True marketers know and understand these statistics and this is why this blog post was so important to anyone who wants to market on or offline. When you know what you are up against you get more serious about your advertising and marketing plan and how to accomplish it, or to see if you are cut out for marketing at all. We here at Creative Marketing Helper want to encourage you to follow your marketing dreams but you need to know the truth so you do not work blindly but smartly. Most of all as a marketer we are here to help you become more serious about how to keep your associates and customers which comes down to team work as in a MLM, or just plain good service to everyone you market to or are associated with in a marketing business.

Remember this hint:
One customer or an associate kept satisfied is worth ninety five to ninety nine prospects to call or market to!

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Then go for it!!!
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