Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A New Look With A New Objective For Creative Marketing Helper

Many people have been emailing me wondering what was going on with Creative Marketing Helper. I may have to say that information overload could be some of the cause but I will call it seeking knowledge and moving on to what I want to do as far as advertising and preforming services. In the past six months we have been scaling up to do web building and Search Engine Optimization services to help our readers and this is what I have been studying. In this process we have learned of many products that can help local businesses with their web presence and we are now able to help local businesses Rank on Google and take their place among their larger competitors.

What brought this on you say?

How about with the emergence of mobile searches and the slow but sure replacement of the Yellow and White Pages of your local phone book to the search pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. And¸ along with ranking having a website ready for mobile viewing is the questioning element to keep the viewer on your sight so they do not click away.

We realize that business owners need to concentrate on operating their businesses and need solid advice and good service to promote and make sure their business is getting the proper exposure. Our services will be available to small and local businesses to help them rank and take their place amongst the corporate giants getting the share of the local market to thrive thought online products and services. You can see a list of our services and products on our main website Fast Business Solutions @

As far as Affiliates and Multilevel Marketers we have learned marketing techniques not known to the beginner and are not taught by the up-lines and guru marketers. These techniques are not about the get rich quick ideas you see advertised by the success gurus but by sound ideas and understanding of today’s consumer of these products and services. The great thing is these are skills you will be able to teach if you have a down-line while and working with a up-line while you’re your up-line is keeping you in the opportunities loop.

Going on with affiliates who want to make an ongoing income unlike the MLM marketers we will be sharing ideas in trust and authority through the same model as the Multilevel Marketers. Relationship marketing is the key to the future in all marketing relationships and a tested key to success year after year. It is clear to say the easy money online is a thing of the past. Success in marketing is trust and there are many examples you see on and offline every day but many people do not understand relationship marketing and comfortably purchase products and services due to relationship marketing. When you choose work with us we will help you gain a clear understanding of and recognize relationship marketing and how this process works. You will understand the power is in the list and how laser targeted traffic is the key to success and finding good repeat customers and clients though a responsive list.

The History of Creative Marketing Helper and Keeping Up with the Future

We have gone through many of the old posts and found some but not all the information to be good and relevant to our returning past readers and to our new ones. We will slowly reintroduce the most relevant posts as they are reedited and brought up to date. We at this point will keep on going through these posts to update some of the videos as they are removed and updated from You Tube. We realize that some of the content may be outdated and some posts may be taken down permanently.

Our banners have been updated with the most relevant products and Services moved to Fast Business Solutions @ All of the sales funnel sites have been removed and will reappear in a page with a report and a post on their true effectiveness to your Search Engine Optimization with the myths and truths of these websites and their effectiveness. You may not want to miss that upcoming report.

As far as Creative Marketing Helper @ blogspot I would like to say that Google and Blogger has been good to us so we did not make,--- a WordPress Blog for now. So we are pleased to inform you, you can still return to this blog to see our current posts by using our .com address. Plans of our .com or .biz and .info addresses are still in the air but a possible membership website may be in any future plans with videos and web building strategies to grow your on online presence right at your fingertips. We are also going to develop a website showing the option and the power of WordPress.
For the future of this blogspot address we are going to write reviews on the products and services we advertise and bring back AdSense for you to find outside products and services to compare. The most important part is the effective business building services we can provide for you by getting to know us, how affordable our products and services are along with our effective ideas and concepts that become our Fast Business Solutions.

Though FastBusiness Solutions is where we display or better yet showcase our business and web building products and services. This is where we show you the power of using Weebly Websites with their easy to use platform and how we can make your Weebly Website rank in the local search engines. And the best thing is you can start out your Weebly Website with free hosting then slowly create an appealing website that is mobile ready.

You can always search for us on Google¸ Bing and Yahoo by using the Keywords Creative Marketing Helper or Fast Business Solutions.

To Find out more about me and our business A Better Life Enterprises LLC go to

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