Friday, September 19, 2014

Creating A Marketplace

In many of our past posts we have established we are a Marketing Helper and a mentor / coach not a guru. Gurus develop a product and sell it through advertising sources and most  depend on their own and other Marketer's email lists and both make money selling their product. This is where the dead end starts for you the aspiring Work From Home Opportunity Seeker or entrepreneur. Here at Creative Marketing Helper we want to help you become the owner of the list instead of the buyer from the list. Yes, your list where you make the money with those products or like us using viral products that help others build their list and business the way we do. You will never pay us to read Creative Marketing Helper. In fact our mission is to connect you with the products and services to help you become a Creative Marketing Helper yourself.

During the past two months we have been learning from one the World’s Top programs teaching online marketing from the ground floor. When you continue reading Creative Marketing Helper you will benefit from the techniques we have tested and learned from this program. We are doing this to acclimate you with this program and by using some of the techniques we have learned and you begin to become successful. As you find yourself building confidence we would like you to consider joining us in this program as a JV Partner.

 If you would like to learn more on a fast track system we would like you to check out and get one of these two Free eBooks and and read through it or them thoroughly.

Once you go through this material you will understand why we prefer this method of referring a new member to this program over any other method. Establishing Credibility and Trust in the Marketing is what we want to relay to our readers and JV partners. We also want you know that we will work with you to do the same with others as we have learned from others ourselves and not developed this incredible marketing system all on our own. 

This is why we call ourselves the Creative Marketing Helper and we prefer being ourselves by helping others succeed.

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