Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Building Your Prospecting and Marketing Email Magnet

Before we go on with setting up your marketing blue print we need to let you know about the most important element in your marketing.  You often wonder why all the huge businesses on the internet get so much traffic. It is called name recognition.  Some just puts in a Keyword and WA - LA its like magic they have a customer! Meanwhile you could be an affiliate of that company and not get a nibble.  Now you know why we are bringing you here to the idea of setting up your email list. With an email list you all of a sudden become the advertiser for these big name businesses, services and products. You all of a sudden become the middleman or woman getting a piece of those huge profits.

Now it comes time for the debate. Many of the gurus out there are trying to sell you on the Idea of Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing or any new gimmick they can show you to sell their product knowing they have a huge email list themselves with a bunch of JV Partners with huge email lists.

Do You See A Pattern Here?

You get an email from them and open it read it and then go ahead and say well this looks cool you click and then you invest your money to find an upsell. Then you realize the easy way is when you purchase the upsell. Now comes upsell number two to get the program in sync you can supercharge your product with this upsell.  Then you go ahead and go through painful hours setting up your push button system to find out it does not give the results you are expecting.

Are You Ready For The Truth?

You most likely were sold this product that gave you little results if any from that email you received. Don’t feel rejected most of us have been there. The key is to learn and harness the strength of the Internet by remembering SEO, Article Marketing, Social Media, Free or Paid Advertising, Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are only vehicles to gaining interest, and building trust but most of all BUILDING YOUR BRAND!

Everyone has a website they would like to promote products and services from. But! By having an email list you can now direct your audience or customers to what you want them to see in specials and incentives in your website helping you not the website to promote the way it should be. You are finally in control directing prospective customers to what means sales to you. When anyone looks at a website with a product, service or opportunity if they are not directed to a point of interest they are more likely to click away and look at something else. This is not so with an email. With an email or better yet a Video email or known as Vmail you have the attention of the prospect increasing your chances of success.

Before you spend another dime on advertising you may want to look at your marketing plan and consider adding an emailing system to your agenda. You find as your email list grows so does your profits.  Using Capture Pages and Splash pages are the best way to get more from your advertising dollar.

A prospect saved is future profits earned.

Do You Need A Capture Page To Get Started?

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